A New Start For Government Victims
Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live as a libertarian in a very collectivist state like The Netherlands? Gems are created by pressure and time. The various videos that went viral of Toine Manders’ interrogation by the Dutch parliament are the result of just that. Several decades of libertarian activism in a collectivist society. Pressure and time that created the wonderful statements Toine made in the lion’s den.
Our family needs your support!
You cannot support Toine directly because the proceedings would go to the very people that bankrupted him. You can however support Toine by supporting our family, which includes our three young kids and me. My name is Jessica van Driel. I am Toine’s girlfriend and the mother of his children. We live in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. I used to work for Toine's firm and, per September 1st, I want to cofound an international tax consulting firm that could hire Toine, now that his restrictions have finally been lifted. For this purpose I will need a start-up capital of at least 11,000 euros (I can supply a copy of the business plan at your request). If you support us this would mean we could finally lift ourselves out of poverty again, and Toine could pursue his passion again. For this, we would be extremely grateful.
If you make a gift of 100 euros or more, as a token of his gratitude, Toine will offer you a one hour meeting for free, in person, via phone or (video) skype.
No donation is too small, but if you are not in a position to make a gift, then please share this message as widely as possible and make a difference that way!
About Toine and the case
Toine Manders, a Dutch entrepreneur and anti-politician, dedicated the early part of his career to the struggle against the form of forced labour called conscription by joining HJC, the firm that helped 6000 young men avoid being drafted into military service. HJC never had to tell any client they could no longer help him.
When the draft was suspended, HJC decided to focus its attention on entrepreneurs. After Toine took over as manager of HJC, HJC specialized in the field of tax planning for small business owners and opened an office in Cyprus, so that its clients could benefit from Cyprus’ beneficial tax climate. HJC Group formed about 7000 corporate entities in total. HJC made the benefits the tax system offers to large corporations available to small business owners, and its structures more often than not cut in half the tax bill of small business owners. HJC made very sure all solutions were within the law, and to this day the taxman has never challenged any of HJC’s structures.
One of the major breakthroughs in Toine’s work was the Inspire Art decision, in which the European Court of Justice ruled that every entrepreneur in the EU has the freedom to form a company in any member state, and therefore may choose the member state with the most business friendly company law, even if all activities are in his home country. As a result, he broke the monopoly EU member states claimed on forming corporations, and many EU member states were forced to make their company law friendlier for small business owners.
For over two decades, Toine was the leader and chairman of the Libertarian Party of The Netherlands (LPNL). He was the top candidate on the list of LPNL for the Dutch national elections in 1994 and 2012. He always took a principled stance for the individual and against state (abuse of) power.
Toine was interviewed by hundreds of national TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and journals. He has been invited to (nationally broadcasted) debates with professors, members of parliament, and other politicians. He spoke at hundreds of seminars for entrepreneurs and their advisors.
In January 2014 Toine was arrested and held in pre-trial detention for three and a half months. The main charge was membership of a criminal organization, whose alleged purpose was to help clients, whose alleged purpose was to evade tax. To this day, no proof has been offered, because none exists. The tax investigators even seized all records of all (about 10000) clients and prospects, but to this day, no evidence was offered even one of them has ever been convicted or even prosecuted for tax evasion. Many believe seizing these records was a major, if not the major reason the government did what it did. HJC was closed. Toine’s pre-trial detention was suspended in May 2014 under a number of conditions. One condition was that he would not be allowed to work in the financial sector. Another condition was that he was not allowed to be in contact with potential witnesses. To avoid the risk of jail, he had to err on the safe side and avoid all contact with all of his business contacts. These restrictions have only very recently been lifted.
He has still not had his day in court. The trial will not be held before 2018, and the appeals will probably take many more years (in The Netherlands, prosecutors can appeal an acquittal twice).
On 16 June 2017, Manders was interrogated by the Dutch Parliamentary Questioning Committee Tax Schemes. His clear and well-represented counter arguments against the system of taxation have been a hit on social media. Several videos with subtitles in English, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages have gone viral and have been watched over 1.5 million times.
The videos that went viral are not the best publicity for the Dutch legal system. The interrogation took place in the midst of preparations for his criminal trial by hearing 45 witnesses for the defense. He had no right not to appear. He had no right to remain silent. He had no right to refuse to answer questions in order to avoid incriminating himself. He was interrogated under oath. There is a huge overlap between the content of his trial and content of this interrogation under oath, and his testimony was highly relevant to the criminal case. His testimony cannot be formally used as evidence in a criminal case, but the tax investigators could use his testimony to find independent evidence against him. His lawyer said this was the first time in Dutch parliamentary history something like this has happened. Several questions the committee asked were relevant to his court case. So to put the pressure in perspective: Toine had to speak the truth, even if it meant incriminating himself. Now that is the ugly face of collectivism.
For over three years, Toine lost the ability to support his family, because he could no longer work in the financial sector or be in contact with his business contacts, was declared bankrupt as a result of the taxman’s actions, lost his business, lost his reputation, lost his suburban house and now is forced to live in a small apartment in a public housing project.

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