The videos of Toine’s interrogation at the "Panama papers" hearing in the Dutch parliament have gone viral globally, and have been watched over 1.5 million times. They are invaluable for the explanation of libertarianism, and an example of how short-sighted politicians can be.

As you probably know, Toine was literally bankrupted as a result of his libertarian crusade. In recent weeks, our family has received a lot of supportive messages.

Repeatedly, the question arose whether people could somehow offer us financial support. For this purpose, a fundraising campaign was developed through GoFundMe.

You cannot support Toine directly because the proceedings would go to the very people that bankrupted him. You can however support Toine by supporting his family, Jessica and their three young kids. Jessica used to work for Toine's firm and, per October 1st, she wants to cofound an international tax consulting firm that could hire Toine, now that his restrictions have finally been lifted. For this Jessica will need a start-up capital of at least 11,000 euros. If you support us this would mean we could finally lift ourselves out of poverty again, and Toine could pursue his passion again. For this, we will be extremely grateful.

If you make a gift of 100 euros or more, as a token of his gratitude, Toine will offer you a one hour meeting for free, in person, via phone or (video) skype.

No donation is too small, but if you are not in a position to make a gift, then please share this message as widely as possible and make a difference that way!

Thank you very much in advance!